William Zhao

General Manager of Guangzhou

Hongchang graduated from Peking University with bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and has been engaged in intellectual property work for 13 years. Hongchang once served as the IP manager of Sichuan Changhong Group (Top 500 brands), the Director of IP department of Foton Lovol International Heavy Industries, and Deputy GM of Sichuan Hongyi Tiancheng IP Group, and GM of the Intellectual Property Operation Platform of China (Mianyang) Tech City. He is an expert in enterprise IP management system, IP strategic planning, corporate IP risk identification and avoidance; and has extensive consulting experience in patent mining and portfolio development, patent value evaluation and licensing/transfer, patent intelligence analysis and infringement litigation with in-depth research on many issues related to corporate IP management systems and strategies, such as corporate intelligence analysis and corporate asset mergers and acquisitions, as well as TRIZ technical innovation systems.

Mr. Zhao was the deputy general manager of Sichuan Hongyi Tiancheng intellectual property group, the general manager of Mianyang Hongyi rongchuang company.