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Infringing is common, thus every tech-co should have access to patent(s) for defense and cross licensing. Investor should pay special attention on patent(s) as infringer can be severely punished under patent law. Patent is a key element of determining an early stage tech co valuation together with team + tech + market. Intangible assets including design, brand, copyright and patent count for 80+% of a tech-co total assets. Financial investors have limited access to deep-dive technology and patent due diligence resources. Quality patent due diligence in China can normally lower investment price, thus, achieve better returns.

In view of the above, PAIF is launching due diligence service specifically on patent and technology. We can provide quick highlight in bullet point, and/or detailed DD report on tech + patent pros and cons. We can also provide infringing risk analysis upon client’s request.

Patent Alliance Innovation Fund


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